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My son was doing the dual award, achieving grades like Cs and Bs. However, after having Michael to tutor him and advise on studying and learning techniques, he has achieved A* in all 3 Sciences and is in all the top sets for A level. Michael now is tutoring my other son and I'm confident he;s in safe hands, and will achieve the best grades!!! August 2017

"XXXXXX got A*. Thanks for all your help." August 2017

"Science was A* biology, A physics and B Chemistry which, as xxxxxx said earlier this morning, are results she would never have achieved without your help. She also asked if you tutor A-level Biology as she's planning on taking that and thinks you're the best tutor she has ever had." August 2017

"XXXXXX is chuffed to bits. He got A/B and he's very very happy with that. He did very well with his science, very pleased." August 2017

"Biology A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*.  Wowwwww. I can't thank you enough for all your help and support and hopefully this is going to continue." August 2017

 "Just to let you know that xxxxxxx got A* in chemistry  and A's in biology and physics.She felt so much calmer once you started tutoring her and it made a huge difference to her confidence. Thank you!" August 2016


"He got an A in all the sciences! Thank you so much for all your help." August 2016

"We have a smiley girl, indeed a smiley set of parents too, she did very well with all 11 exams she sat, just one B and the rest were As or A*s, and A*s included biology and physics, so thank you very much for that little bit extra confidence, knowledge and exam nous, the former and the latter of which probably assisted her with other exams too. Thank you" August 2016

"xxxxxxx  has just got her results.  She got all B's, including an A* on her chemistry controlled assessment paper.  This is quite amazing and she is delighted.  Thank you so much for helping her to do so much better than she ever imagined she could. August 2016 

"Thank you for coming today, xxxxxx positively grew after your session with her. She was surprised that she knew as much as she did and is enthusiastic about working with you." First tuition session. August 2015

"I am sure you will be as pleased as we are that xxxx got 2 A* for his double science. We can't thank you enough! More than anything you got him to be fascinated in science and to enjoy it and that is a huge gift to him and fantastic achievement on your part. We are so grateful to you and will highly recommend you to any friends who may need a science tutor. Thank you so much."
August 2015 


"I had been out of education for 7 years when I sought out Michael’s services as a tutor. I needed a higher grade for my science GCSE before I could further my career and it had been holding me back for a while now. 

Michael was fantastic at reintroducing me into a comfortable learning environment, he was easy to contact and talk to, adapted to my learning style quickly and gave me lots of tips for studying at home.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results and the life lessons I now have to help me study in the future."

(Achieved DD grades at school. He achieved A*A this year) August 2015 


"xxxx got As in all three sciences. We are thrilled. Thanks for all your help. I'm sure she couldn't have done it without you."
August 2015


"On behalf of the family, I just want to say thank you for all that you've done in helping xxxx prepare for her iGCSE exams. You will have a lasting impact on her as you've challenged her to think differently in her approach to Science and you have inspired her in her learning."


"You have been excellent in engaging with xxxx and calmly, logically explaining things which he thought complicated in a very clear way. Your knowledge of the curriculum and exam techniques are invaluable and will really help him to understand what is required so much better. Thank you very much."

"She's very happy as she got A in Physics and Math, overall 4 As, 1 A☆, 5 Bs, 1 C and a Merit in ICT, very good and proud of her. So relieved.  Thank for all your help and we think she'll take up Physics A level now."

"I got A*AAA, with the A* in maths, and AAA in chemistry, biology and physics. Which means... I got into UCL! I have confirmed my place and start the 6 year (medicine) course on the 23rd September. I really do appreciate all the help you gave me, building a foundation which allowed me to kick start my A-levels with a bang. Thank you very much."

"We have the actual marks. He got as follow:

B4-B6       100   A*

B7               98   A*

C4-C6      100   A*

C7            100   A*

P4-P6        94   A*

P7              91   A*

Last year he got:  Biology (84 - A grade), Chemistry (87 – A grade), P (89 – A grade). Thank you for all your help"

"Again thank you for your help, you played a part in his success, because it meant that after leaving school with no passes he has all his GCSE's now and a National Diploma."

“Thanks again for your help because l think the Sciences are a good result and we will certainly come back to you earlier this time for assistance for her final GCSE's.”

“Just to let you know that xxxxxx got high A’s from his science exams; he was 1 point short for A* in physics and 3 points short in chemistry.  We are very happy with the results.”

I just wanted to let you know that I got 4 A’s at AS level overall, 2 88%’s 1 86% and 82%. I think I did well due to the strong foundation at GCSEs, so thank you a lot for all your help.

“We are very happy and ever so grateful for your dedication throughout your time with her.”

“In the sciences he achieved AA, which he is very pleased with.”

“xxxx gives you full credit for getting him his amazing grades - Physics A*, Chemistry A, Biology A.  In total he got 6A* and 4A. As you know, he did little, or no study at all between your lessons, so it really is the case that what you taught him was all he knew!  Thank you so much for being such an amazing, kind, patient and encouraging teacher. 

Biology A; Physics B; Chemistry B – this by a student whose school initially entered him for only Foundation papers.


“Thank you so much for your tutoring and your support.”


“We thank you so much for the support you gave him. Where it not for you, he would not have got this [2 B grades]. Thanks so much for teaching him so well. We look forward to working with you again very soon.”


Chemistry A; Physics B; Biology B. [Other subject grades were 2Bs, 2Cs and a D] Thanks for all your help. Clearly you were a valuable asset to his achievements.


“Thank you again for all your help. You really helped change xxxx's attitude towards science.”


“Thanks for all your patience and dedication”



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