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  • Qualified teacher

  • 30+ years experience teaching and tutoring science

  • Specialist  in Science teaching

  • Relevant -  a former GCSE Examiner

  • Enhanced DBS issued May 2016


I have a BSc Hons and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education and more than 30 years experience of teaching and tutoring science with secondary school pupils – covering every possible grade level. In addition I was a GCSE examiner for several years – involved in finalising the mark scheme and marking GCSE papers. These years of experience helped me to understand the importance of good exam technique and making pupils aware of how easily marks are lost, even by able pupils, simply through not understanding the way exam questions work, or what the examiner is requiring. I am convinced that good exam technique makes a significant difference.images


There are many people who teach science – I teach pupils. I don’t just teach the content, I’m interested in seeing the reaction of the pupil. Have they understood it? Or are they still not sure? They may say they understand and believe that they do, but that isn’t always accurate. Moving on too quickly is not helpful and will leave them confused and disheartened – the last thing you want. Equally, you don’t want the pace to be too slow.


Pupils need to learn how to learn - vital skills that need training and development, but which equip them for life.


Giving pupils the information about Biology, Chemistry and Physics and explaining it is very important - and so are developing learning techniques and exam techniques. All three need to be included in successful preparation for exams.

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